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National Association of Building Contractors guide to Garage Conversions

If you want to create more space to your home without extending your property, a garage conversion can be a great option.

For lots of people, a garage becomes somewhere that is never fully used to its full potential especially when it comes to parking the car. By converting your garage into an extra room or increasing the size of an existing room, you can increase floorspace and even increase the value of your home.

Before you start a garage conversion there are a few things you need to think about. In our guide we can answersome questions and provide you with all you need to know about garage conversions.

How much does a garage conversion cost?

Garage conversions vary in cost depending on the specifications of your garage space. However, the average garage conversion costs approximately £10’000 – £20’000

This is obviously mush less than the average £40’000 it costs to convert a loft. If you opt to convert a double garage the cost will increase of course, however it is still expected to add more value to your home than the initial cost.

Factors affecting the garage conversion cost

  • The foundations need reinforcing
  • The walls, floors or roof are in a bad condition
  • The ceiling height will need to be raised
  • Planning applications
  • Structural engineer costs

How long does it take to convert a garage?

Garage conversions are relativity quick to complete once the building works get started. Depending on the structure of the existing garage, a single-car garage conversion will take around 3-4 weeks to complete. You should allow for 3-6 weeks to go from garage to liveable space.

Garage Conversion Benefits

  • Gives more liveable space
  • Cost effective
  • Traditional garages are less desirable especially if a drive is available
  • Can increase property cost

Garage Conversion uses

  • Another lounge
  • An extra bedroom
  • An extra bathroom
  • A children’s’ play-room
  • A larger kitchen
  • A home-gym
  • A home-office

Do I need planning permission for a garage conversion?

As a garage conversion is internal, it doesn’t usually require planning permission, however there are some exceptions.

If you want to convert your garage into a separate home, increase the size of your garage or substantially change the exterior of your home, you may need planning permission. It’s best to check with your local authority’s planning department before carrying out any work. You also need to ensure you follow building regulations.

Is my garage OK for a conversion?

  • Internal Single garage – An internal single garage is built within the structure of the house. This will usually add around 170 sqft of floor space to your home.
  • Single garage – A single garage conversion again will add around 170 sqft of floor space to your home.
  • Double garage – Converting the whole space will add around 350 sqft to your home. This is great for splitting into two areas, or a large kitchen, dining or living space.
  • Standalone garage – You can expect to add the same 170 sqft space with a standalone garage conversion. Be careful with the planning permission as this structure may require an application to change its use.

Can you convert a garage yourself?

If you have no experience in conversions, it is recommended you use professionals who have experience in dealing with building regulations etc. If you are simply painting your garage to change its use, then by all means get stuck into it as a project. However, if you are removing internal walls, installing doors and windows, adding ventilation, heating or new electrics, it is important to work with professionals.

Will a garage conversion increase the sale price of my home?

If your home already has parking facilities, a garage conversion can increase the sale price of your house by increasing floor space or adding an extra room.

We estimate in the current climate you can get around a 10-20% return if your garage conversion improves the usability of your home, which could add an average of £45,000 onto the value of your home.

Finding suitable builders

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