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About NABC

If you are a customer submitting an enquiry, the National Association of Building Contractors will match you with up to three approved builders local to you. We choose the builders we think would be most suitable for your job.

You then have the option to receive free no obligation quotes from the home construction companies we have selected. You will also receive our free consumer guide via email. The guide outlines all the basics you need to think about and put into action to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

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About Who We Are

From humble beginnings, The National Association of Building Contractors has established itself as the leading builder association in the United Kingdom.

At The National Association of Building Contractors, we turn down over a third of tradesmen, residential building contractors and general contractors who apply to join. We evaluate each one to assess whether they meet our high standards, because our reputation is only as good as our tradesmen.

Through various initiatives, The National Association of Building Contractors continues to strive to provide confidence to clients who use its members and to the members to receive a service that is second to none.

We continually monitor the work of our builders to ensure they continue to offer the highest level of service while they retain their membership. In order to achieve this, we conduct regular site visits on jobs that our builders have completed on behalf of our clients so we can inspect their workmanship first hand to ensure all members are adhering to NABC codes of practice.

Award Winning

We’ve won more awards than we can count but we don’t let it go to our heads. We dedicate ourselves to every project.

Expert Team

Your project will be handled by experts every time. We make sure you have the most experienced professionals working for you.

Quality Guaranteed

You’ll find the support you need to make sure that things runs smoothly. We’re here to help you with any questions.

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